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Welcome to our site, We aim to provide the very best of flash games from the internet that are suitable for all ages and both genders. While the primary aim of the site is to provide children's games, that is games for girls and games for boys, many of our games will be fun to play for even grandparents! There's thousands of games to choose from, but some games that are dear to our heart at CBBC Games include mario, sonic, art attack games and teletubbies games.

We all know the many different ways to play games, from apps on your mobile phone such as your iPhone, android or windows phone to games consoles such as the XBox. Many of the games available for these platforms are also available online as flash games. For instance angry birds, a game originally developed for iPhone now has loads of flash version which you can play online for free.

Some online games sites become well known throughout the world and even people who don't play online games have heard of them. Most people recognise the name of sites such as miniclip and addicting games. While these sites are really fun, we think that our cbbc games site is just as fun and we hope you'll agree and stick around and play lots of games here.

There's games here for everyone. Many girls like playing dress up games and cooking games, both of which you'll find on our site. Even if these games do play to the gender stereotype, there's nothing stopping girls playing the shooting games that traditionally boys would play. In fact many of the worlds best shooting games players are girls. Similarly some boys like the dress up games, especially when they involve characters from TV or video games. No one should think that any one game is exclusively for boys or girls, even if the majority of those that play it are of one gender.

When playing online games you need to ensure that you don't neglect other things going on in your life. If you're a teenager doing your homework is especially important. A good way of motivating yourself to complete it is to reward yourself with online games after you've finish your assignments. If you've got pets you look after you must make sure you don't forget to feed them because you're playing online games, because like a tamagotchi they will die without food. Looking after animals isn't a game, so if you've got pets they must take priority over playing games here.

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